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Whenever you think you have seen it all the internet brings you something new to enjoy. I don’t know a whole lot about this Mario Video but I can tell you that it is awesome. This is one of the more creative ways I have seen a video game recreated through theater! This group of dedicated Mario enthusiasts have used some sort of fluorescent paint and clothes in combination with a black light to depict the first levels of Super Mario Bros and also a fight with Bowser!

Guest staring Luigi to save the day!

Enjoy this recreation of Mario as seen on India’s Got Talent!

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Ah beat boxing, possibly the best kind of boxing, or at least a close second. Pair this up with Super Mario and you know it’s going to be good, 13+ million youtube views can’t be wrong either. This masterpiece was created by HIKAKIN who accurately claims himself as “a Japanese Beatboxer” in his youtube description. Relive some of the most classic Mario theme songs and background music with Hikakin’s beat boxing renditions:

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