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Before anyone gets too excited this isn’t really a movie! It’s just some guys that have got together and made an awesome video.

Maybe we will have a Mario Kart Movie one day though, a man can dream!

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Here at Mario Mayhem whilst we love Mario we don’t like to discriminate! Jon has been busy creating 2d pieces of joy and has sent us in pictures of some new Video Game Magnets he has created!

Enjoy these Megaman, Link and Sonic magnets!

Link and Megaman Magnets

Sonic Magnet

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Well as promised, we have a bit of information regarding our latest fan art submission! Jon writes about how he created these awesome pieces of Mario Fan art:

They were really simple to make! They are constructed out of Perler
Beads bought at any hobby shop or craft store. Just simply find a game
sprite pattern of any video game character you wish and merely match
the colors with beads and iron! Place sticky side magnets (also bought
at hobby stores) and bammo Mario magnets!

Mario Magnets

Jon says he is also making plans to create some Mega Man and Zelda magnets as well, so we will have to keep an eye out for them!

Get those creative brains to work people, we need more Game magnets!

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This is one of the coolest cake’s I’ve seen I think! It’s a rather large version of the old Nintendo Entertainment System in cake form. What more could someone want on that special day? Well a beautiful bride would be nice, but a giant NES cake? One day Timby…one day.

The third image is actually a different cake of just the controller, but I wanted to include it anyway since it’s pretty cool too ๐Ÿ˜€






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It seems some plumbing business on 87th St. at 18th Ave., Bensonhurst, Brooklyn, has been banking on the success of Mario to promote their business! Not sure about the colours on Luigi or why Mario is walking towards a fire…but it’s still pretty cool!


Thanks to Metal Man for pointing it out to me, and here is the Source

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